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In 1971, the first company of the group started its distribution activity in Venezuela. In 2018, after several years of experience, our company extends its horizons to the European continent and other Latin American countries.

Today, JY Global Group is a company that specializes in the supply of various products: recycled polymers, metals and paper for further transformation into a final premium product; high-quality wood; food products that meet all safety standards; and other materials in great demand in the international market.

Strategically, the company is located in several countries such as Spain, Portugal, USA, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

We guarantee
top quality in all products.

We ensure that the product to be recycled is of premium quality and within the standards that best suit our customers. All the products we supply, plastic, metal or paper, can be recycled.

The remaining products we offer respond to quality control with rigorous and widely demanding characteristics.

The satisfaction of our customers is the priority.

We accompany our customers from the first contact to the delivery of the requested product. We have specialized teams anywhere in the world to ensure that the product correctly meets your expectations.

We carry out on-site technical visits for quality reviews and analysis of the characteristics of the product we offer.

Behind the scenes
Jesus Salamo Baretta

With extensive experience in international trade, he is a young entrepreneur who saw in this business the possibility of expanding the company to intercontinental horizons. A very focused professional with a spirit of sacrifice to achieve JY Global Group's goals.
Adept for physical activity, in his spare time he plays soccer and tennis with friends. He values ​​the quality time he spends with his family.

Jesus Salamo Hernández

Mr Jesus is the patriarch of the Salamo family and the founder of the group's first company. His extensive experience includes large-scale food distribution in Latin America. He made history with the company that sold the most food in Venezuela. Today it is an important pillar in the structure of the JY Global Group as we know it. He considers himself an enthusiast in the search for new forms of investment and reading about unknown topics to learn new things is one of his favourite hobbies.

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