“We have the most competitive distribution strategies in the international market:
quality vs. price.”
Jesus Salamo Baretta | CEO

The food sector has been benefiting from large investments and support, making it increasingly promising to enter this type of highly expanding market. Companies that begin as start-ups with profitable businesses become multinationals. Therefore, JY Global Group has developed the ability to offer products to its customers with a wide variety within the sector.

We work with strict food safety criteria.

JY Global Group's vegetable fats and oils intended for human consumption guarantee the origin of natural products in duly certified conditions and free of substances or materials foreign to their normal composition that may harm the health of the consumer.

Variety of oils:

- Sunflower oil;
- Corn oil;
- Peanut oil;
- Soybean oil;
- Rapeseed oil;
- Olive oil.

We work with certified partners with a lot of experience in raising the animal.

With extensive knowledge in the supply of meat, we guarantee food safety in all logistics. To ensure flavour, we offer a good diet with noble cereals and animal welfare, since we know that these are criteria that also affect the premium quality of the product.

We have the capacity to offer in industrial quantities.

JY Global Group has extensive distribution capacity for various other food products in various countries around the world. From grain to flour, we offer a range of possibilities in industrial quantities and for long-term supplies.

Variety of food products:

- Sugar;
- Rice;
- Corn;
- Flour;
- Urea;
- Among others.

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